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Producing, Equipment, and Learning 


Salina Media Connection (SMC) is a community-oriented media center offering organizations and individuals equipment for use and videography for the Salina Region.

Your Opportunity

We have a wide range of possibilities available: 1) producing and developing shows; 2) grant projects to propose or partner with SMC, and 3) media outreach. SMC can provide support for grant proposals and also act as a fiscal agent or partner.   

Have a great idea or story to tell? Need equipment for producing a program? Interested in learning about digital media production? Visit with us.


SMC uses editing computers with iMac Final Cut Pro editing

software and PC Workstations with Sony VEGAS and DaVinci

editing software. A producer can also use their own equipment.

SMC's studio is located in The Temple at 336 S. Santa Fe.

The studio can be used by volunteers for programs they

want to produce.

Equipment available includes Canon AX10 and 11 cameras,

Wirecast streaming, and other equipment. SMC can also

live stream from any location with sufficient Internet Access.

Anyone can volunteer and use the equipment. SMC is also

using Independent Contractors  for selected grant projects..

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