As a volunteer at Salina Media Connection you can be a part of multiple activities and projects. We train on location so come in to let us know what you would like to be a part of. Call or come by.


Have a great idea or story you would like to tell? Visit our office to talk to our staff about becoming a member. Membership is $25. Youth membership is $5. Producer membership is $45. Partnership or organizational membership is $75. Membership is available to residents in Saline County. If you live outside of the Saline County area you can submit an application for review.


A producer is a person that creates their own content to be distributed via Cablecast and Online to the community at large. To be a producer at Salina Media Connection, means you take responsibility for your program. You must make sure you do not have any copyrighted information in your program without permission, inappropriate language or subject matter that is not fit for regular viewing hours, violence or nudity, libel, slander, and obscenity. How to become a producer? Stop by the SMC office for a brief training and become a certified producer.


If you are interested in learning more, classes topics such as camera, audio, studio, editing, media truck, and directing are offered by appointment.


Salina Media Connection also offers an Internship Program for youth and college students.



A Creative Contributor is someone who creates media programs for Salina Media Connection but is paid individually for each piece of published work. To get started, visit with someone on the management team at the office about the process which includes membership along with a user agreement. Creative Contributors are stringers (independent contractors) and receive a fee for their work.

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