Volunteers have a wide range of possibilities available for participation. They can become producers and develop their own shows. Grant writers can develop proposals that partner with SMC and utilize media outreach which is often positive in a grant proposal. SMC can act as a fiscal agent, or partner. Studio and truck volunteers, football crews, other activities have opportunities.  


Have a great idea or story to tell? Need equipment for producing a program (Must be available to show on SMC)? Interested in learning about digital media production? Visit our staff about becoming a member or class or individual training. Membership is $24 per year for individuals, $72 for organizations and partners, and $5 for students.  If you volunteer your membership can be waived.


A producer creates their own content to be distributed via cablecast and online to the community at large. SMC can also syndicate selected programs (and series) for producers. Producers own the copyright for their shows. All producers take responsibility for their own programs. Copyrighted information included in a show needs permission.  Inappropriate language, violence, nudity, libel, slander, obscenity, or subject matter not fit for regular viewing is subject for review and may not be allowed. Our staff can assist producers as schedules allow.



If you are interested in learning more on a media topic, we offer classes by appointment or on Wednesday evenings. Classes cover topics such as camera, audio, studio, editing, media truck, and directing.

Salina Media Connection also offers an Internship Program for high school youth and college students. Contact us for details.



An Independent Contributor is someone who creates programs for Salina Media Connection but is paid individually for each piece of published work. To get started, arrange for an appointment to visit with the management team at SMC. Independent Contributors are stringers (independent contractors) and receive a fee for their work.