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Dr. Gordon Carlson Salina Media Connection's guest speaker shares ideas on "New Media" during SMC's 2019 annual meeting.


Dr Carlson, FHSU's Institute for New Media Studies gave an uplifting talk during SMC's 27th annual meeting held in the Prescott Room in the Salina Public Library. He suggested SMC consider intergrating messages between the two channels (20 and 21) to drive viewers from one channel to the other more often.

Another idea shared was to consider new ways for those in the community already creating content to more easily post to SMC for conideration their content for cablecasting.

SMC should also start using more Guerilla marketing strategies, according to Dr. Carlson which could include creative scheduling ideas and for other projects.

Nearly 30 members and guests of SMC attended the evening event which included a trailer of shows produced by James (Cash) Curtis for the Rolling Hills Zoo, Juaacklyn Denny for XWE Wresting, and Collin Crowder for Liberty Football. In addition, awards and recognition were presented to past employees and board members: Steve Pope, Charles Ross, Ann Knowles, Aaron Carter, Collin Crowder, Heather Govreau, James Curtis, Ramona Malone and Brenda Guiterrez.

For more information contact Salina Media Connection 823-2500. Or contact Carol Bell at

NEW MEDIA STUDIES New media studies is the intersection of culture, communication, and technology through a lens of disruption and convergence. It is a transdisciplinary field leveraging a number of advanced methods that look at the complicated connections between people and technologies, both

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